Production & Quality Policy

Production: Meksmar had started to produce Lozenges, Herbal Pastilles and Cough Drops, under principles of GMP and Clean Room standards. To achieve these high standards, validation for air, validation for equipments and machinery is reported regularly.

Our Quality Policy: Our objective is to manufacture all of our products as the best and best quality with international standards, to perpetuate our quality by bringing these products to our customers in the best and healthiest packages and to become a world brand. In order to achieve this objective we will increase our production efficiency, decrease our costs, raise information and conscious levels of our employers and be a permanent staff which learns all the time. We will manufacture with accuracy and adopt unconditional customer satisfaction principle.

Within the scope of objectives that we determined, principles of quality management system will always be guide through works of our departments. Together with management representative, all departments are responsible to prepare, implement and follow procedural and work orders.

We stipulate that required arrangements and studies shall be implemented and efficacy of quality system shall be audited periodically.

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